Where getting to know Jesus is fun!

At City Kids our goal is to help children develop a genuine relationship with Jesus, connect in meaningful relationships, build their lives on kindness and love, and discover their purpose at a young age.

When you arrive

Checking in your child is simple and easy. If it’s your first time visiting, our volunteers will meet you at the door, help you get your children checked into our database, and lead you to their age-appropriate room.

Safety Is Priority

We prioritize the safety of every child and parent by assigning a unique identification number for safe returns. Additionally, all volunteers undergo background checks to ensure a secure environment.

Age Specific

We’ve designed age-specific environments that will keep your child engaged and excited about Jesus. We’re passionate about leading children and we believe age-appropriate environments give us an incredible opportunity to invest in the next generation.


We want your first visit to be as easy as possible. If you’re arriving with children, we suggest arriving 10-15 minutes prior to the service. This will give you time to get your child checked in and meet our leaders that will be caring for your child.

Kids Environments


Through engaging activities, worship, and exciting Bible teaching, we aim for your child to feel at ease and excited as they learn that Jesus wants to be their friend


K - 5th Grade

Our time together includes engaging worship, interactive small group activities, and a fresh take
on Bible stories. 
We’re eager to connect with your child each week, helping them to grow in the love of God,
treating others with kindness, and trusting in Jesus!